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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Solstice Canyon

We buried little Fluffer's body today. At Solstice Canyon, in a quiet spot where the sun beams softly on her grave, the soil warms her, the stream gurgles beside her, and the trees shelter and protect her.


Little Snowey, she was so beautiful, although we thought she was somewhat deaf, her big black eyes were so bright and alert, and she was always climbing onto her little hind legs, trying to reach up as high as she could, sniffing for a piece of lettuce or parsley. Snowey ate so much, she loved all the fresh veggies and fruit we gave her, she'd eat anything. She'd be so happy. She would purr when you stroked her back. Rumblestrutting - such a funny word. Snowey showed me what rumblestrutting was: when a female wants to show domination, she struts and sashays her little butt and makes a rumbling noise. When we got Snowey back a month ago, she was losing hair on her sides, and rumblestrutting and humping other piggies: her hormones were wreaking havoc. She had abnormally large, inflammed ovarian cysts. So when Fluffer died, we immediately made an appointment to have Snowey spayed the next day.

Today, we brought her for her surgery in a box with bedding and hay. Snowey knew. She looked at me with those big black eyes and laid quietly in the box. I whispered to her, "Snowey, you're going to be okay.." ...but as we left, Snowey said goodbye with her big black eyes...

Tomorrow, we will lay Snowey beside Fluffer.

...All guinea pigs go to a little heaven, under the Rainbow Bridge, where they play with all the other little pigs and have lots of hay and sunshine.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Under The Rainbow Bridge

Fluffer died today. She was 4 years and 9 months.

She had cancer, and we put her to sleep at the vet's. When guinea pigs die, we say that they have gone under the rainbow bridge.

Fluffer was the best little piggy in the world.