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Thursday, August 30, 2007

30 Years Young

I hit the 'big' 3-0 this year.

Awkward teenage years and youthful twenties behind me now, I wonder what life will be like in my 30s.

Dave Barry says he grows steadily older each year without ever reaching maturity. Of course he's just the funniest bloke around, but I wonder if I've managed to mature even proportionately with my years.

Let's not even talk about wise. Wise is for the old.

Actually, I'm fairly grateful that I was born somewhere somehow I am not sold as a child-bride or into slavery; or into any one of the horrific circumstances of extreme poverty and hunger, or cultures with female oppression and genital mutilations.

In fact, at 30, I am blessed with wonderful people in my life - friends and family, and my husband, who puts, above everything else, our happiness together :)

I am physically healthy, emotionally fulfilled, and mentally least that's what I think.

Contentedness is underrated - especially at an age so young ;D


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And Happy Birthday to all my friends turning/turned 30 this year too!

1 comment:

Rocky Racoon said...

Another hits the BIG 3-0!!!
Hapi Burfdae babe!
Continue to count your blessings!