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Monday, October 08, 2007

Take Me Home, Country Road

Well, Maui has its famous Hana Highway of waterfalls and secret pools, and Kauai - KAUAI had a never-ending shoreline of spectacular ocean/coastal scenery. OH I felt like I was in a dream! or a painting, and the painting's come alive!! It was incredible, IN-Credible; surreal, SUR-Real; unbelievable, UN-BeliEEvable ... and so on and so forth :D

We had loads of fun in Kauai driving around. I was surprised to find Chinese heritage in Hawaii - a Kung Long Shopping Center and Ching Yung Village where we had some kung pao chicken and chinese broccoli for dinner one night.

It was actually too hot too be laying out in the sand, so we spent most of our day in the water diving, boogie boarding or snorkelling. We also did some very muddy and slippery hiking, drove up the Waimea Canyon, watched the sun set every day and did some cooking at home and chilled out by the tv in the evenings.

And oh! Hawaiian radio rocks! They have a station that plays hyms and inspirational songs like Shout To The Lord (All the Earth...) which I liked - reminds me of the years when I still went to church. Whatever's on radio is always happy, encouraging, romantic or just has a good groove to it. Ermm, they also had their own rendition of Take Me Home, Country Road.

Here's a little Hawaiian sing-along for you!

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