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Friday, November 02, 2007

The Quest for Iscandar

We're off to Outer Space
We're leaving Mother Earth
To save the Human Race

The hubs and I have been singing this every day for the past week.

Every morning at breakfast, we put on the DVD, sing the opening song, and follow the adventures of Captain Avatar and his team on their Quest for Iscandar, to bring back the cosmo DNA and save Earth from the deadly radiation that will eliminate all life on earth in one year.

This anime is the mother of all animes. It was made in 1974 - BEFORE I was born.


One week ago I gave the hubs the ultimatum to clean up his bookshelf - there was no explicit penalty to this ultimatum, I had simply growled threateningly.

So the hubs sits himself in front of the offending bookshelf and verily set to work.

I must say that when he does get to it, he is indeed efficient with his task.


2 minutes into this do-or-suffer.menacing.wifey task, the hubs ups and runs to the TV with a box of DVDs in his hand, pops a DVD into the player and stands there, eyes fixated to the screen.

I watch him, perplexed.

And, the above video came on.

"Look sweetie, this is a show I watched when I was 8 years old." - eyes still transfixed on the TV.

"Oh, wow." I think of old-style cartoons I watched in the 80s when frames sometimes froze for 5 seconds (..doesn't seem so exciting anymore in this age of CGI)

As the opening song played, hubs tears away from his transfixation and comes to me, holds up his arm and says

"See sweetie, my hairs are standing up." then steps away and looks at me with puppy eyes.

There is a glimmer of wetness in his puppy eyes.

I recognize this moment - it is a sentimental moment.

Time for a hug.


So now every morning, we make breakfast, pop in a new episode, sing and march and punch our fists into the air to the opening song, and settle to watch the next adventure.

Will the Starblazers defeat the evil Gamelons? Will they make it to Iscandar that is far beyond the galaxy and bring back the cosmo DNA to save Mother Earth in time? There are 208 days left.

And the bookshelf sits content in its state of clutter.


AK said...

That's quite funny actually - american dubbed music over the anime with a rather China communist army sorta feel. Wonder what the actual song would have sounded like. said...

Actually I thought it sounded rather like the song from Condor Heroes, hahaha.

It also has another recurring eerie tune that sounds like something from Qian Nyu You Huen *shiver*

but yeah, the communistic thingy had us marching on the spot and pumping our fists in the air!! lol