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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Jesus, I feel smoked.

Christmas party on 24th, the REAL Christmas, when Germans celebrate. Scottie and I arrived to a fairly mild crowd at a former brewery, now an apartment building. Red Christmas lights, red drapes, red furniture, red sheets on the bed, red iBook - the host sure likes red! Party-ers dressed up for the occasion, namely Santa hats and furry capes and stockinged legs. People brought sauerkraut, devilled eggs, pasta, pies, cookies, truffles, liquor. Everyone brought gag gifts: we were told to wrap up the ugliest thing we find in the house.

It was a mostly sedate crowd, some chilling out with a drink, some dancing and some hooping to really REALLY loud techno pump - I noticed the DJ had headphones on - if it was my guess, it would be to muff out the 300 decibel music he's happily spinning. Some, like me, were tearing our throats trying to hold discernible conversation with another.

Sometime after the music started, I detected a faint smell of weed. My neighbour smokes the occasional stick, so I recognized what it was. Quick scan and registered a couple of pipes being passed around to anyone who cared for a puff. A woman who had arrived in a Mrs. Claus outfit, stripped down to a red string bikini and sheer tight pants. What eventually, we don't know. One guy fell right over from an upright position, like a plank, and busted his eye on his glasses.

It must've been on the dancefloor when I must've been right next to someone with one of these pipes. The music got louder, the lights got dizzier, the dancing got wilder.

Technically I didn't smoke the pot. But the fumes that smoked up my lungs would've have knocked out a horse.

When the email said pot-luck, I had no idea it meant this.


I don't remember what partying is like, I mean the kind with techno/trance whatever music and tequila shots and rum and all. I've been to one or two some years ago, but I guess I've never been much of a party-er, not with booze and hard liquor, and certainly not with any kind of drugs. I hardly ever drink enough to be drunk.

It wasn't unpleasant at the party, in fact the music was good dance stuff, and we met a couple of friends and talked to some nice people. The food was a lucky pick of sorts, but the homemade ones were never wrong.

Just for the record, I drank only lime-ade.

Tomorrow's brunch party will be a lot more Martha Stewart.

Merry Christmas!

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AK said...

Of course you are a party-er... have you forgotten that party we went to at the boutique hotel where Angelia hired the male strippers and all? :-)