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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Hope BW Has A Solid Evacuation Plan

So the earth shook beneath my feet today. Technically, under the feet of the massage table I was on.

It was a 5.4 on the Richter scale. Even if it were a 7, I was too noodled to gather enough strength and power to jump off the table and duck under it.

In my semi-consciousness, what registered was a gentle rumble accompanied by chandeliers tinkling. It might very well have been a new spa relaxation technique before I snapped out of my dreaminess. Anyway, it was over before I had the chance to panic.

The epicenter was 40 miles away, so we didn't get the worst of the earthquake. Although we're probably about 10 or 12 meters above sea level, so the tsunami that may or may not happen could bury us in a tremendous flush.

On that note, geologists are warning of an impending BIG earthquake(since San Fransisco) courtesy of San Andreas. It's been 150 years and no one can hold anything in that long.

Seriously, I think we need a portable radio and a bigger dining table.

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