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Sunday, September 07, 2008

BeBe popped a baby!

Hubby gives each of our 3 girls a piece of cucumber, and we set out to the store for some dinner.

30 minutes later, we come back home, and I go to give them a piece of tomato.

Bebe was sitting way in the back of the cage, it was dark there, and I reached in with the tomato for her. There's a little dark something in front of her, I half-wondered what it was and prodded it without thinking.

And suddenly there was a flash of what looked like an eye, and then something scrambled away!

I gasped and I scrambled away.

"SWEETIE!! THERE'S AN EXTRA PIGGY IN THE CAGE!!" I ran out of the room to fetch the hubs, shrieking like I was struck with leprosy. At this point, I wildly imagined that the piggy had jumped in through the open window and somehow into the cage right where it sat.

The hubs stared at me with eyes stretched wide, in his 'No-Way!' manner, went "Whaaa?" and then marched right into the bedroom.

.."I told you!"

We adopted Bebe from an official rescue that had screened it for pregnancy, but I guess some things are hard to tell. Bebe got a little chubby, especially over the last week, but it never occurred to us that she could actually be pregnant. We just thought she was getting lotsa good stuff to eat.

This is the loveliest surprise, and boy are we glad that it was a normal, healthy labour and delivery for Bebe. And she is being such a good mommy too, always cleaning the baby and laying still for it to feed.

Sigh, happiness comes in such surprising ways.


pcoral said...

Hi Pen! Your piggies are so cute. When I saw the clip on bebe looking after her young, it kind of reminded me of myself with my babies..

Sounds very silly, right?

I am really into motherhood....=P

Mary Feuer said...

Aww... baby piggies! So cute. My dogs are boys, so I won't be getting any surprised like that, But I still remember a cat - she was still just a kitten, I thought - who suddenly popped out a litter of SIX BABIES. Shocker.

Dana said...

What a pleasant surprise to have an extra cute fuzzy critter all of the sudden! Bebe seems to be a good mommy!