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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mousey the Little Trooper

A month ago, we finally had the vet remove Mousey's bladder stone, and she made it through! She's our oldest guinea pig at 5.5 years, that's like 70 years in human years I reckon.

We've always had doubts putting her through surgery, having had no luck with surgeries in the past with Snowey, Fluffer and Tobey. We crossed our fingers and hoped that the stone could somehow be passed out in due course. But Mousey's bladder stone just kept getting bigger and bigger until in the end she was squeaking and in so much pain, we bit our lips and decided to go ahead with it.

We gave her more lettuce, more blueberries and more cuddles the night before, and dropped her off at the vet's in the mornig.

It was a big relief to get the call from the vet that afternoon: the surgery went well, and it was the biggest stone the vet's ever seen in a little piggy. Nasty.

So now Mousey's home and recovering, still hurts a little but she chomps away as much as she can and pees and poops more than ever! Such a little trooper! Yay Mousey!

Update: Now she's eating pellets on her own, and chasing any other piggy in sight!


and we finally named this one: Fudge-pie, or Fudgie :)


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