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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shopping in America

You know what the best thing about shopping in America is?

You can return anything you buy.

I would like to go get a baby, preferably brunette with twinkling hazel eyes and a delightful chuckle, and try being a mother for kicks. I'll keep the receipt for bailout.


One day walking into the grocery store, Scott and I came by a woman, presumably a mother, ladened with too much shopping, looking hassled and pushing a double pram with a baby in each seat, whereupon the very amiable hubs, without missing a beat, spouted cheerfully:

"Oh look sweetie! Trader Joe's is having a special on babies - get 2 for the price of one!"

The mother of two burst into laughter.

True story.


I, on the other hand, come home and ponder the above fun hypothesis.

1 comment:

rene said...

that's hilarious! Babies amaze me. They are a real joy to have, you won't need a bailout once you have one trust me.:)