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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Know What You Did, I'm Your Wifey, So Just Say What You Did!

So, I come home, and in the trash -

Yes I look in the trash, and I'm sure many normal people do that, to make sure the recyclables are in the recycling bin, and the trash trash in the trash bin; because it is my little two pennies worth of saving the planet and I should be allowed to do that.

- so I look in the trash, and I see,

A can of Reddi Whip - that's whipped cream from a nozzle.

I bought it for the big boy's birthday brownie a few days ago.

And so in staged horror I exclaimed,

"Sweetie! What happened to the Reddi Whip??!" - I shot daggers at the hubs caught off-guard.

"Uhh, it's gone!" answered the sweetie from the other side of the apartment, backing up against the wall.

I picked the can out of the trash.

"How can it be gone, sweetie?? I just bought it!" Me shaking the bottle with unreasonable abuse, not wanting to understand him.

"It can't be gone! Did you finish it??" says I again adamantly.

"It's gone!" says the hubs indignantly.

Sound of an empty can being shaken. Stubborn stubborn.


"It's gone, sweetie. IT MAL-FUNC-TIONED, and I had to empty it ALL down the sink!" says he, eyes glazed over.

I stopped in situ and looked up in disbelief.

And then I could not help but laugh.

Lame, but so adorable ;)


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