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Monday, June 08, 2009

My Hubby the Shopper, I'd Never have Guessed

Look at this beautiful pashmina, 70% cashmere and 30% silk, with butterfly motifs and sassy tassels:

My hubby bought this for me :)

He told me: I walked down the streets of Ubud in Bali and went into 10 boutiques before I found this one.

10 boutiques. I'd have given up after 7.

But nope, the hubby was persistent. He had to find his wifey the perfect take-home gift. So he trudged on and finally found one he thought I'ld really like.

:D I really do love it.

It feels so warm and so delicious, my perfect shawl for springtime!



I have to shamefully confess, that when the hubs said he brought me a gift from Bali, I thought he had gotten me one of those touristy t-shirts the locals peddle on the beach. I was so prepared to feign total happiness over a touristy t-shirt when he whips it out.

Instead, when we were home, he got his backpack, unzips it and takes a little paper package out, carefully unwraps the paper, and unfurls the shawl in his palms. And he gently presents it to me, like a beautiful shawl ought to be.

I was quite honestly breath-taken. I hadn't expected that at all.

My hubs is the most wonderful person in the world.



And yes I know.

SHAME. Shame on me for being so small-minded. :p