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Friday, March 18, 2011

Loving my little bub

My bub is growing up so fast I thought I'd better whip my ass and get recording.

Truly, at 9 weeks, I look at my bub and think he's not a baby anymore, because I feel the need to put pants on him.

Now he's ooohing and cooing (I swear: today he said: how cool!) and aaahing, giggling and gazing and paying attention to everything and everyone else but me, and trying his darndest to stand himself up on those little feet, where did my baby go??

First month was undeniably tough, even with the help of my mom. Not knowing what to do, overwhelmed with information, advice, suggestions, I was just a mess, including all that was going on with the postpartum body - blood, hormones, milk. I felt awful every time he cried, and whoa, can this boy holler or can he holler. When it's a responsibility as big as this, the last thing you(read: I) want is to be helpless.

Despite still being somewhat clueless, I am beginning to tune in to my baby more and more. Hubs is enjoying more playtime with him, and I think the little bub adores his daddy.

My favorite times with him:

bouncing my cheek off his
dancing with him to rock and roll! sometimes a little milder..
rubbing his velvety soft head, sometimes he coos as I do this for him
snuggling him to sleep
watching him feed - fiesty little guy likes to spar with a nip! and when he looks up at me with big brown eyes(mine! :D) and long curly lashes
showertime together
looking at each other in the mirror and sticking our tongues out
watching him stretch when he wakes up in the morning
watching him sleep..

Can I just say that I adore him, and that I love every moment with him?

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