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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Man with Nine Knuckles

Our friend, Alex, from NY swung by for a visit last week on his way to Burning Man in Nevada.

This is the wedding gift he brought for us, a sort of symbolism for fertility

It is a water jug of sorts - you fill the water into the handle-end of the pot, and it streams out from the penis-end.

but this is what happened on its journey here to us.


Alex had also packed something else similar, instead with a huge head that symbolized wisdom - no prizes for guessing where that got bonked and cracked open (which I surmise was what he intended for his roommate in the following story).

Alex: " Oh well"

And as the story goes: His hand, btw, was broken when he had fUU-Riiously bAshed his dickhead of a roommate repeatedly on the skull for being, well, a major dickhead. Alex's knuckle got smashed irreparably. His roommate, uhh let's call him Dick, was in such shock that he supposedly ran naked into the streets of NY, albeit in the middle of the night. Still Dick's skull of steel was intact and he suffered no more than a slight headache and a bruised ego, and got away easy for some mega dumb-ass prank he did.

Alex, on the other(or this) hand, may make his appearance at Burning Man as a Russian hero with nine wives (according to a famed Russian tale and thus the beard), but he has a tale of his own to show for. Ironical, but pretty funny I think :p

The first time I met Alex, he had a broken shoulder from skiing, and the last we heard from him, he had been held hostage and in prison for a number of days in Iraq (true story) where he had gone sightseeing - don't ask me why.

In between, though, we are always relieved to hear of him engaging in saner activities like the Argentinian Tango and cross-dressing in public.

It's always good to see you Alex :)

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