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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, September 03, 2007

It's An Ocean In Here Sweetie!

California waters is co-old. I have dived in 52F/11C waters in my wetsuit all 12mm of it in three layers, but I am for the wiser.

And fortunately, hubs loves me enough to keep me warm on my dives. This is what he got me for my birthday -

Ta-Daaaaaahhh!!! My new DUI TLS350 drysuit! I will never freeze my butt off looking for slugs underwater again! :D


Before donning my new drysuit in the ocean, I gave it a go in our pool. Here's the episode in pics and videos:

Burping my suit

Got my BCD on me

Checking my valves

Putting on my fins

And ready to go..

huhhhh..I'm as floaty as a life-saver.. won't. go. down. unngh!

Try again -

I drop like a stone!

What happened?


hahaha, so sotong, forgot to deflate my BCD the first time :p

So what's the conclusion?

Success! And all ready for the ocean! More underwater adventures coming up! Yaaayyy!!

1 comment:

rene said...

u look so cool! Hard core diving babe!