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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thy Loving Presence

Scott and I have 3 wedding dates: our court date, our wedding day in Singapore and our wedding day in Buffalo. The more joy to celebrate.

People often ask me which date is the real one. What can I say? We made vows at all three weddings, and they were all real.

The least spoken about I guess would be our union in court: simply as it was as private an affair as it could've been, with no one else but us and the judge. With just us and the judge, I tuned in to the quiet celebration, to the dignity, to the great blessing of this moment in our lives.


We made a court date for this date 2006 at the Beverly Hills Municipal Court. Why September 14? We don't know. We simply picked a date. Scott proposed 2 weeks before and it seemed an appropriate interval....whatever that means.


12 noon was our appointment.

11.00am we threw on something nice from our wardrobes and sped off to 90210. We cleared security at the entrance, and got directions to our Judge's courtroom.

Judge Richard Stone. Judge Stone. Pleasant-est guy around, he was cracking jokes with his clerical staff when we arrived. It's nice to know the judge will not be barking out our vows to us in an already very nerve-wrecking time.

He gave us a choice of location - the courtroom or the rooftop. We chose the rooftop, and so we went.

There, overlooking the Beverly Hills neighborhood, 'neath the clear blue Californian sky, Judge Stone stood before us and gave a sermon on the sanctity of marriage.

We didn't have rings then. We just held hands.

As Judge Stone spoke, tears welled up uncontrollably and the next moment, I was bawling my eyes out.


I used to think about loneliness, about the wrenching uncertainty of my future, how sad I might be all alone. I wondered if I will ever have someone to hold my hand, and share the laughter and dry my tears. I wondered if all I ever will have is watching others be happy.

As we stood there on the rooftop, I felt an immense sense of gratitude, reassurance and peace.

Lay back in the arms of someone
You give in to the charms of someone
Lay back in the arms of someone you love -ONJ

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