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Monday, April 07, 2008

We miss you Tobey

Tobey died last Tuesday on April 1, on the surgical table, struggling in the midst of an enema. It was painful to watch her, and then her heart just stopped. Even as the good doctor tried to resuscitate her, I watched her fall limp and go.

Tobey ate everything we fed her, she loved big green leafy lettuce, parsley, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, apples, strawberry tops..anything, she was such a voracious eater.. Blueberries, Tobey loved blueberries and wanted one after another. She loved oranges, even when the other piggies turned away in uncertainty after sniffing at them. Tobey would linger for minutes and lick at the spot on the carpet, where the orange juice had dripped. Tobey loved tomatoes, just like Mousey.

Tobey liked her cheeks rubbed, burrowing under and into the fleece, blankets and pillows. She loved exploring. She was the fastest and the strongest. Of 6 piggies, she was the fastest by far to reach the top of the stairs. She dashed all over the apartment during floortime. The piggies loved getting under the bed, and we would set up a barrier using all sorts of stuff - boxes, baskets, bags, boogie board, but Tobey would find her way through a crack, or make her way by chewing, pushing, butting at, jumping over the obstacles. She was not one to give up easily. She knew where to go and remembered how. She was such an gregarious, amazing little thing.

Tobey had malignant cancer, but she lived such a vivacious life. In her last days, she had terrible bloat, and that broke her.

We had hoped to bury Tobey with her mommy Fluffer in Solstice Canyon, because they were so close when Fluffer was still alive, but Solstice Canyon was closed for restoration. We buried Tobey in Temescal Canyon instead, in a private little corner sheltered by overhanging branches and surrounded by lovely soft green grass.

We love you Tobey. We miss you in the apartment. We know you are now under the rainbow bridge with Fluffer and Scrappy, in a big field happily chomping on all the grass and veggies together.

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rene said...

Sounds like Tobey had lived a wonderful life. May he continue to be chomping happily in his afterlife :)